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10 most commonly asked questions

1: What is it?
Barrelguardtm is the easiest and most effective way to prevent corrosion in your gun barrel.
2: How does it work?
VCI chemicals inside Barrelguardtm create a layer on the surface of the barrel that prevents moisture, oxygen and other contaminates from causing corrosion on the metal surface.
3: Is it safe?
Yes! Barrelguardtm is non toxic and bio-degradeable. The barrier created by Barrelguardtm is 4-5 molecules thick and immediately begins to dissipate after removing Barrelguardtm leaving no residue to clean!
4: How do I know it will work?
Barrelguardtm has stood the test of time. It has been in use by the U.S. Military since 1952 and is still a packaging requirement for the manufacture and storage of most of its small arms. The VCI materials used in Barrelguardtm are counted on to protect metals throughout virtually every industry.
5: How long does it last?
Depending on storage conditions, Barrelguardtm will be effective for years. For most effective use, we recommend that you replace your Barrelguardtm once a year.
6: Do I still need to clean my gun?/Will it remove rust that is already there?
Barrelguardtm is a corrosion inhibitor. It will prevent the corrosion process from taking place. You will still need to clean your gun as normal, but you will not need to coat it with messy oils or grease.
7: How will I know that it is in my gun?
Each Barrelguardtm comes with a safety flag that protrudes from the barrel as a reminder that Barrelguardtm is in there and working. The safety flag also has an area to write the date inserted as a reminder to exchange it for a new one every year.
8: My barrel is larger than the Barrelguardtm, will it still work?
The VCI chemicals in Barrelguardtm work by “Ionic Action”, meaning that they are attracted to the metal surface and will migrate through the full length of the barrel and into the action. The 22” length of Barrelguardtm is more than enough for all barrel lengths and a snug fit is not required.
9: Does it work with black powder muzzleloaders?
Yes! Even if a corrosive primer has been fired, Barrelguardtm will still work. Simply clean your gun as normal, and insert Barrelguardtm for complete protection.
10: Can I use it in my handgun?
Yes! Barrelguardtm can be cut to length for use in any size handgun.